Dr. Ines Vasconcelos

Dr. Ines Vasconcelos

Gynecology | Breast Oncology | Nutrition in Oncology

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Dr. Inês Vasconcelos is a trained gynecologist, ESO certified in breast cancer. She is a graduate from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Coimbra and has a PhD from the Charité Medical University in the field of ovarian cancer.

She completed the specialization in Gynecology in Berlin. During this period she obtained the certification in medical tumor therapy by the Order of Physicians in Berlin and the ESO Certificate of Competence in Breast Cancer.

She also dedicates herself to the nutritional optimization of oncologic patients. She is currently affiliated with Harvard University in the scope of a postgraduate certificate in medical writing and continues to be associated with the University Hospital Charité.

She is certified for the practice of medicine in the United States (ECFMG USMLE). For individualized, professional and competent care contact with Dr. Inês Vasconcelos and make an appointment now!

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