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True leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.

Creating content should not be about self-promotion – that is not the best way forward, rather it is about creating a great deal of value towards your potential customer. This is best done by helping your viewer or reader answer a very specific question that displays your specific domain expertise, attention to detail and high-quality communication skills.

I will summarize the essential tips in content marketing that I have been using for the past 4 years as a Physician Entrepreneur and Medical Director of The VIOS Clinic.

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Keyword Research is the Key

Keyword research on terms actively searched by people online – this can be done by simply entering certain terms on Google search and you get to see what is already there, especially in the terms people also search for. These search results will give you an idea of what is existing on page one and what is considered top tier by Google and the actual users

Short & Sweet

Original content should match the viewer demands preferences and attention span

Don’t Go Over Their Head

Try to minimise your use of medical jargon or at least explain briefly what is meant by them

Be Real

Have a calm welcoming demeanour, you don’t have to be that serious, but it should be a welcoming interaction

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Speak like a Teacher, Not a Salesman

Just speak normally like in a conversation or as if you are in a webinar

Engage the Reader

Intersperse your content with thought-provoking questions to the viewer or reader – this increases engagement with your content and a sense of familiarity can be built

Hear Me Roar!

Audio quality is very important, you do not need expensive set just a simple headphones or AirPods will be sufficient or at least in a relatively soundproof room

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Young & Old See the World Differently

The younger generation (Gen-Z) mostly prefer short clips in portrait mode – where else older generations are open to watching longer videos in a standard horizontal format


MultiPurpose MultiContent

You can increase your productivity by repurposed existing content, when you have already created a small YouTube video, you can transcribe your audio format into words using software such as, and turn that into a small blog – or even vice versa, turning a small blog into a YouTube video and embed it in the blogpost so that people who want to watch videos they can do so or they can read about it


Work Smarter, Longer

Consistency is essential, the more content you publish as YouTube videos or blogs your reach starts to increase, you start getting a loyal following, you start getting subscribers and your expertise and presentation skills improve substantially

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Find Your Platform

Don’t forget social media, your YouTube ads and blogs should be actively published on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Convince your social media contacts to comment and share as well. Just liking the content is irrelevant – the algorithm favours actual engagement in the form of comments and shares

Owned Property > Rented Land

The great thing about writing blogs is that it can be hosted on platforms such as our website which is private property i.e. you can talk about any topic you want without any fear of retribution or attracting negative perceptions.

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In your niche there are many sets of topics that ad network platforms are hesitant to promote, but when you create original blog content that ads a specific insight in that topic, that shows a great deal of  courage; which many people admire and may even be motivated to reach out to you for private counsel.

Dr. Ismail Sayeed

Medical Director, The VIOS Clinic

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Together Strong

Collaboration with other experts, or in other terms influencer marketing, may be a specific quality that you could leverage. By co-creating original content with another author who is from the same background or is part of another niche which can add an extra value to your content, can be very beneficial.

Find A Better Team, To Make a Better You

You don’t have to do all the work by yourself all the time. Automation and delegation are powerful paradigms which can drive productivity for your professional life and quite simply create a much greater value by people who are better at that particular task

As a professional your key responsibility is to ensure the latest and the highest degree of authority in your content, by outsourcing the other requirements such as the creative writing process, video editing, either do some marketing tasks to other individuals or agencies, this insures that you spend most of your time on creating high value high-quality digital content that people are actually looking for.

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Keep Calm & Carry On, And On


The number one recommendation to improve your professional plan is to understand that this is all about consistent effort, that is trying new methods on a regular basis.


If one type of effort does not use the account that you desire, instead of externalising the blame try to figure out how else can you re-purpose the content, add new features, try a different channel of distribution or quite simply just give it some time so that the Google algorithm can mature and reshapeitself and place your content where it belongs –

hopefully on page one.

Go Big, Go Global

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Ismail Sayeed CEO Medical Director ViOS, Inc.


Dr. Ismail Sayeed

Dr. Sayeed is the Medical Director of ViOS, Inc. He is a deeply committed physician entrepreneur & medical blog writer. While building the global infrastructure of the VIOS Clinic, he is dedicated to educate people on the potential of specialist telemedicine for managing chronic diseases.

Read more about him in his author bio


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